Forfecuta Cuticule Nghia Export KD.706

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NGHIA offers stainless steel products, including professional manicure tools, which significantly improve the quality of everyday life of beauty industry customers. The brand's goal is to effectively meet consumer needs by offering the highest quality products.

A precise manicure accessory

NGHIA Export KD.706 cosmetic scissors are suitable for various beauty treatments, including manicure and cuticle cutting. The ergonomic shape ensures comfort of use, so the tool can be used both in beauty salons and in your home beautician.

High work comfort

Slim, slightly curved 20 mm long blades ensure smooth, precise cutting, making it much easier to reach even harder-to-reach places. This allows you to carefully trim the cuticles around your nails. Riveted connection ensures smooth use. This tool will significantly improve the quality of performed manicure.

Durability and functionality

The product is made of high-quality stainless steel, making it highly resistant to damage and blunting. The smooth, matte finish makes keeping it clean extremely easy. The product can be sterilized in an autoclave. The scissors have a flexible plastic cover that keeps the blades of the tool together after use. This allows the scissors to be stored safely and prevents them from becoming blunt.

Attention. Store in a dry and safe place. Keep away from children.

Blade length: 20 mm
Handle hole diameter: 1,9-2.4 cm
Total length: 99 mm
Material: stainless steel

Nghia Export
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